Mail+ for Outlook App Reviews

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it doesn’t open any of the link present on my mail. what’s the point of have an application that show your email but doesn’t allow you to accede to his contempt?

Work great!

I love concept of this app. It is intutitive, attactive and fast, low resource and search feature woks very well. It now become default my outlook mail client.

For MS Outlook

I like this app, always use and it peformed beautifully.I can fast and instant access to my Outlook mail and live mail directly from menu bar. Love the way the conversation are listed as a conversation instead of having to look through each one. It’s professional, smooth and simple. 5 star application.

Userful Outlook app

This app is userful for me to have support both Outlook personal and Outlook for Work, Good work.

Fantasic service!!

Awesome, really awesome fantastic service! I contacted them via email w/ a issue. It was resolved w/ in 15 minutes w/ out little to ANY hassle! Was very nice as well! THANKS! A HUGE thank you.

I paid $2.99 for nothing.

It logged in but didnt display any of my emails. I tried to send and that didnt work either. I was hoping to access my work email from home but even after setting up my account nothing shows up in my email account. I had high hopes for this app. And now I am so disappointed with it. So far this app is still not working for me. It really really waste my money and time on it. I would like my $2.99 back. I bought this because it was cheaper than the other one. And now Im regretting it completely. I have mistakenly believed this APP comments. They all said that its good to use. I want to say thats wrong, it doesnt like what it says in the app store. As a come, and I strongly recommend not to download the APP, or youll be regrettable.

I was going to give it a chance.

I was going to give this a chance and try it out, considering no one had written any reviews and all the other outlook apps had low reviews. I just bought and installed it, and it won’t even open. I don’t know what I was expecting, but now I’m irritated.. I really just wanted it to work. It looked nice.

Best email app

This app is amazing!! Operates with ease and does a great job.It makes it so easy to check my email.This isnt important but I like it.You can change the wall paper.It looks nicer and not as boring.You can download this app if you want an immediate notification of your email .Very good recommendation!

It works great

This is the best app for managing and retrieving my remote email.I have tried several others,but this one is the best.I like it because its very easy to use and has just what I need and no more.Must give 5 stars because I really cant think of anything I am disappointed,met my expectations.

I love this mail tool

I really love this app.It has made my life easy.I receive hundreds of work emails per day,this app has enabled me to quickly access these email.I also appreciate the lastest updates.These have made the apps functionality even better.Keep on working on it to make it even beteter.Its very to use and has just what I need and no more.

Very happy

This application is absolutely awesome.I have been using this app for a while.its perfect for separating your work and personal life. Every major function works perfectly,and I cant think of any more problem.Thank you for making my life easier and making such a great app.

Extremely pleased with this app

I really wanted this app to be good as this is one of the very few apps which has great function.I glad I got it.This is very robust email app,it does many things that one can do with Outlook.It handles exchange very well.If you want more functionality,a more feature rich email app,this one is it.

Does not support Office365 for business accounts

This app does not support office365 for business (or work,school, university as office365 calls the login)

Does NOT support Office365 for Business Accounts!

Despite the description, this application does not support Office365, and I would like to get my money back!

Not at all helpful

Does not allow me to use my work email address via Outlook - waste of a download.

Very useable

This app is very useable and pretty user friendly.This one is just what I need,giving me emails from my outlook and hotmail accounts and even allowing me to file mail into folder I created for all of my different emails.The most important is it integrate with Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft office online.Overall,its a very good product.

Great app

Amazing mail app.Does so many things right.It has performed beautifully!It is easy to access my mail.I have no complaints about this application or any of its functions.Im simply surprised that see the ability to manage outlook for mac through it!

Very functional,love it

The outlook app is great and allows me to handle everything in one place instead of using different apps.Easy to use and customize,i use it manage my hotmail accounts.This app very tidy and efficient.Its the best for my needs by far.

Love this app!

I like the app and used it everyday now.I love this app not because I think its perfect but because the its more my preferences than issues.Its simple,it works as I need it to and doesnt crash.That means a lot.

pretty great

It works even better than my actual email account!Searches are quick,and the ability to include attachments right from the email is the best.Also,you can type the text.Its awesome!This works great for me,never had a problem with it.I love this app.

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